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Culture-Penghu County Govermment


  1. The wind speed of NANHAI STAR’s Magong—Wang’an—Qimei route is over 31KT/H (ship will still sail normally at 31KT/H), if the wind speed exceeds 30KT/H (ship will still sail normally at 30KT/H) when travelling in NO.1 HENG AN, ship sail will be suspended according to regulations for the passenger’s safety. 
  2. If the wind speed exceeds 27KT/H (ship will still sail normally at 27KT/H) for NANHAI STAR’s Qimei—Kaohsiung route, ship sail will be suspended according to regulations for the passenger’s safety.
  3. The ship sails at the scheduled time every month, if due to certain reasons the ship’s sailing date must be changed, in addition to immediately reporting to the related units by phone, announcements must also be made. Contact number: 0921203004 (Inspector Lin), 0912797136 (Captain Wu).
  4. Since this office’s transport ships are mainly passenger and cargo ships, if the amount of cargo that needs to be loaded or unloaded is too much during that day, the sailing time must be delayed. 
  5. For the above scheduled sailing date and time, especially for rental passenger ships within 20 tons, if the scheduled sailing date is affected by weather changes, motorized adjustments must be made to the sailing time according to the situation.
  6. Magong ticket station: 30 meters north of the NANHAI visitor’s center. Office number: 06-9213822 ext. 102, 103 (business division), 06-9272376 (bus terminus information desk). 
    Wang’an ticket station: Wang’an waiting room, contact number: 0928703018, 06-9991965 (Mr. Chen). 
    Qimei ticket station: In front of the Qimei security booth, contact number: 0937392241 (Ms. Hsu).
  7. Kaohsiung ticket station: Port of Kaohsiung, Travel Building 1st floor ticket station (next to Quang Zheng ticket station). Contact number: 0921295349 (Ms. Yen).8.When purchasing tickets, please confirm that you have received the ticket, your ID and the correct change on the spot; we will not be held responsible after the passenger has left the ticketing window.9.For information concerning transport ship cargo related problems please call: 0912797136 (Captain Wu).10.The Sea Dragon Lord ship routes scheduled in this table will not be able to provide freight services.
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