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Emergency Calls

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Emergency Calls
Penghu County Police Bureau Toll-free Number : 0800-069-110
Information for Foreigners : 0800-024-111
24-Hour Servivce Line for Foreigners : 0934-080-110
  • To report a crime, please call:110
  • Anti-Fraud Hotline : 165
  • Foreign Affairs Section, Penghu County Police Bureau: 06-9278466
  • Duty Command Center, Penghu County Police Bureau:06-9272557
  • Duty Command Center, Magong Police Precinct:06-9273284
  • Duty Command Center, Baisha Police Precinct:06-9932849
  • Duty Command Center, Wan-an Police Precinct:06-9991057Emergency Calls
  • Criminal Investigation Corps Hotline : 06-9279366