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What is RSS?
RSS is a format that allows internet users to “subscribe” to information. RSS enables users to get the latest news and updates by using feed readers at any time, provided that the RSS site linked to that information is available.
How to subscribe to RSS feeds?
Download an RSS feed reader (recommend a RSS feed reader for your choice below)
Copy the website we provide (http://www.penghu.gov.tw/en/index.jsp) , add it to the RSS feed reader you choose, and then the subscription to RSS feeds is completed. Whenever you open the RSS reader, the latest updates will be available to you.
Subscribe to RSS feeds
Solution of Unreadable Codes:
Open and select the “Automatic Selection” menu for codes on the browser, and then close the RSS feed reader. Now the browser can display codes correctly when you view other websites. ※ For IE: “View (V)”→Coding (D) →V (Automatic Selection)
Recommended softwares

Browsers compatible with RSS:‧Maxthon(Freeware) ‧Firefox(Freeware)

Online reader:‧Bloglines

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