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Business Overview

Business Overview
Steam Ship:

Our office currently has 2 ships responsible for the sea transportation missions for the Wang’an and Qimei Townships; the 350 ton passenger and cargo ship “NANHAI STAR”, and the 197 ton passenger and cargo ship “NO.1 HENG AN”; “NO.1 HENG AN” has a fixed passenger capacity of 123 passengers, “NANHAI STAR” has a fixed passenger capacity of 197 passengers and made its first sail on January 20, 2007; in order to take care of the offshore island resident’s transportation, no matter how many passengers there are each time, once allowed by the weather on the sea, it makes its daily round-trip route of Magong←→Wang’an←→Qimei once a day; and according to the two township residents’ needs, the “NANHAI STAR” makes further irregular sails to Kaohsiung to serve both township residents’ offshore transportation and livelihood material transportation and supply.
Nanhai star  Huanan 1
Main specifications and equipments table of the transport ships “NANHAI STAR” and “NO.1 HENG AN”
Ship name NANHAI STAR Transport Ship NO.1 HENG AN Transport Ship
Ship material All aluminum Steel hull, aluminum deckhouse
Total tonnage 350 tons 197 tons
Main engine type CATERPILLAR 3516C HD X2 DEUTZ MWM TBD620V12×2
Main engine output 3150 PS x 2 1950PS×2
Shaft Propeller×2 Propeller×2
Maximum travelling speed 26 Knots 21.28 Knots
Ship’s cruise speed 22 Knots 18 Knots
Endurance 400 nautical miles 360 nautical miles
Passenger capacity 197 passengers 123 passengers
Laden weight 27 tons Cars and goods 20 tons
Cargo hold Single cargo hold 90 cubic meters Front and back cargo hold, 121 cubic meters
Sailing time Magong-Wang’an (18 nautical miles) 50minutes 60minutes
Wang’an-Qimei (11 nautical miles) 30minutes 36minutes
Qimei-Kaohsiung (58 nautical miles) 160minutes 193minutes
Ship length 40meters 35meters
Berthing port Magong 3rd harbor Magong 3rd harbor
Wang’an harbor Wang’an harbor
Qimei harbor Qimei harbor
Kaohsiung harbor (Port No. 1)  
Ship width 8.50meters 6.50meters
Ship depth 4.05meters 2.83meters
Draft 1.60meters 1.50meters
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