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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

Administrative reforms

Penghu County Civil Service Development Institute
Employee Training
In an effort to improve continuing education in the satellite islands, the county government has encouraged employees to pursue graduate school education in Taiwan, and has established on-job education programs in cooperation with National Sun Yat-sen University, The National University of Tainan has also established courses and Graduate school of education. In addition, they have continued to make progress after many years of cooperation with National Sun Yat-sen University, by establishing the “Public Affairs Graduate School Master’s On-Job Education” in 2003. This plan calls for the selection of 10 individuals to pursue their Master degree in Penghu.
Graduates of the first vocational class of Institute of Public Affairs Management (Penghu class), National Sun Yat-sen University
Promotion of Digitalized Government
Over the past few years, the county government has attempted to improve the efficiency of government service by executing several computer promotion plans, including expansion of internet services, planning personnel management systems, document management systems, county government information databases, knowledge management platforms, handicapped internet service, county affairs budget & accounting, finance information services and online application service system. In addition, they have substantially improved the computer resources and information security in each department, and have begun to hold computer training classes.
It was then made into a service manual to provide the public with descriptions of government measures
Convenient Services
Establishing a modern, efficient government is the common goal for the entirety of the Penghu county government. In terms of convenience, they have established the Service Center of the People to promote friendly, quick, and convenient services to the public. In addition, they offer all types of Q&A and counseling services; each week, a citizen time meeting is held to deal with the problems of the county residents. Currently, many departments have received ISO-9001and ISO-9002 certification, including the tax administration, household administration, land administration, and construction administration. This has substantially increased the satisfaction of residents with county services.
Each week, a “citizen time” meeting is held to deal with the complaints of the county residents.


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