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Transportation facilitation

The Magong Airport
Progressing Magong Airport Terminals
In terms of airplane transportation, the Civil Aeronautics Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications completed an expansion of the airlines business area at the Magong Airport in September 2002. With this, they substantially increased the quality of customer service at the Magong airport, and established international flight capabilities, to meet the demands of the future in Penghu.
The Suogang Port
Complete for the Magong Harbor, Shoukang Port, and Lungmen Chianshan Port
In an effort to develop passenger and freight transportation of Penghu county, the government is currently reviewing a research plan entitled Magong Domestic Commercial Harbor Planning and Future Development Plans . In the future, the Magong Harbor, Suogang Port, and Longmen Jianshan Port shall be collectively referred to as the Magong Pier Area . The Magong Pier Area shall be directed towards recreation and tourism; the Longmen Jianshan Pier Area shall specialize in general freight, raw materials, and construction materials; Port shall be designated to assist Magong Harbor and Longmen Jianshan Port Port, as well as construct Shenshui Pier, to meet the large mail and regular freight needs of the future.
The Magong Harbor

The Magong Harbor

The Longmen Jianshan Port

The Longmen Jianshan Port

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