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Culture-Penghu County Govermment


The first official-designated Peng-hu county governor Fu, Wei-Wu
(provided by Zheng, Shao-Qiu)​
Japan surrendered unconditionally on Aug. 15th, 1945 and China accepted Japan’s surrender in Nanjing of China war zone on Sept. 3rd. The Outguard Command Post of Taiwan province sent its first group of staff to arrive in Taipei on Oct. 5th. Taiwan province governor, Chen-Yi accepted Japan viceroy’s surrender in Taipei Public Conference Hall (renamed as Jhong-Shan Hall later) on Oct. 25th. Taiwan Province Administration Agency designated Chen, Song-Jian as Peng-hu county takeover commission’s chief commissioner and the agency sent a letter to Japan administration on 8th notifying administering takeover. The takeover commission’s chief commissioner Chen, Song-Jian and his staff arrived in Peng-hu on 14th and the takeover commission was established on 15th and representatives from the society were invited to the former square of Peng-hu county to hold the first flag-hoist ceremony in the morning. A welcome party was held by the Society Welcome commission in Ma-Gong Female High School in the afternoon (changed into Ma-Gong High School of today and located in the site of Jhong-Jheng primary school). The full takeover was started on 16th and the whole county’s recovery parade was held on 17th and shows were performed for more than 10 days in front of Ma-Gong Cheng-Huang Temple.

Peng-hu county finished the takeover on Dec. 1st, 1945. The “Articles for Taiwan citizens’ recovering original names” was announced on 11th; and Peng-hu citizens recovered their original names. Taiwan province redesigned the 5 states and 3 administrations in Japan’s ruling into 8 counties on 15th. Peng-hu administration was renamed as “Peng-hu county” on 25th. The original streets and villages were renamed into towns, and township with which villages and lis were set beneath. Taiwan province administration governor designated Fu, Wei-Wu as the first Peng-hu county governor on 27th who arrived in Peng-hu to start the issues of setting “Peng-hu county”.
 In the “commentary” of Jan. 22nd, 1946, Peng-hu county government was established in Peng-hu hall built in Japan’s ruling. The officially-designated first county major, Fu, Wei-We started the ruling and a new stage of Peng-hu county administration.

 Taiwan was recovered in 34th year of China calendar (1945 in western calendar). The county government was established on Jan. 21st in the 35th year (1946 in western calendar). Since the local autonomy was executed in 1950, there have been 15 terms of county majors since the first election term. The current country major is Wang, Cheng-Fa. The country government office is located at No. 32, Zhi-Ping Road, Ma-Gong city, Peng-hu county.

Concerning the establishment date of Peng-hu county governmentAfter Peng-hu county government was established on Jan. 22nd, 1946, all county staff were taken a photo in March of that year in front of county government office’s main entry gate. (provided by Chen, Qiao-Mu).
Notes: Concerning the establishment date of Peng-hu county government, there are two different dates of Jan. 21st and 22nd in 1946 published in many different books and records. The “Taiwan Province’s first administration conference, Peng-hu county government’s working report”, collected by Taiwan branch library of Central Library, was found to be printed by Peng-hu county government in 1946 and the 5th page of this report (pages were not yet numbered and that page was counted to be the 5th), the index 3 of civil administration indicated that “3. Establishing new county government,the new county government was established on Jan. 22nd. The original institutes were transformed into the country system gradually according to the regulation.” The correct country establishment date was thus deduced to be on 22nd.。
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