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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

County Bird

The Penghu Oriental Skylark always appear above the open land and will fly to the mid air and singing with beautiful voice. Therefore, they are given a nickname called “mid-sky bird” bird
Habits of Penghu Oriental Skylark
Lark < Alauda gulgula> belongs to bird of the alaudidae < 75 kinds all over the world and 1 kind in Taiwan > ,bird of the alaudidae distribute all over the world except for the south and north poles. They breed in Taiwan with feather on head and wide wings. Their legs are a bit longer and with quite long back claw. They mainly inhabit on open grass lands , drought farmlands or open area in mountains. They eat insects, seeds of plants and like to fly near the ground and singing a lot. They usually nest in claypan . There are two sub-races of lark in Taiwan , < A.g.wattersi> one is from our island with yellow-brown feather all over the body with black-brown spots the backward feather appears longer their chests yellow-brown with again black-brown spots under belly their feather becomes light yellow-brown. The other kind of Penghu lark < A.g.coelivox> origins in Penghu, and is with thicker yellow-brown feather all over the body.
How Penghu county bird is selected
Due to the special geographical factors, and the variety of its races, birds are greatly loved and chosen to be one of the county spirits. Birds are taken as an indicator of the environmental protection, and to improve people’s understanding to the local bird races and their love and care toward all birds and life, the county government hold this county bird selection event. Furthermore, this event will encourage people to participate in the wild animal protection activity and to preserve and cherish the natural biological resources in Penghu.
We asked Penghu county wild bird association to recommend 8 kinds of birds, they are: Penghu little lark, Japanese White-eye, Bridled Tern, Kentish Plover, Spooted-necked Dove, Pacific Reef Egret, Chinese Bulbul, Brown Noddy. And the little lark came in the first place and was therefore being announced by the county mayor as the county bird.


The origin of mid-sky bird

Penghu little lark is a special sub-ace bird only found in Penghu area. They are seen all year in Penghu and also belong to a rare wild bird known. They are often found flying around the wild farmlands or near county flowers. That is a very attractive view and inspires a homeland emotion. They may appear ordinary, but with their beautiful voices, male lark always singing while fly soaring up the sky when the breeding season spring comes.


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