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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

County Tree

Banyan tree ,is capable of surviving under difficult surroundings with terrible drought and dry land.
Tongliang Banyan tree is the most famous for its strong vitality , and its life could last for more than 300 years, and therefore is chosen as the county tree of Penghu. tree
Usually with 5-8cm length ,smooth, with dark green surface. The fruit is with 9-10mm diameter and becomes red when mature. It originates in Hua-Nan area and all over Taiwan. This tree is seen everywhere around temples, yards and streets. The most famous Tongliang Banyan tree can last for more than 300 years. It belongs to the Family Moraceae (Mulberry family) .the characteristics of this family is: The flowering Plant. Family Moraceae (Mulberry family) comprises some 40 genera and over 1000 species of plants widespread in tropical and subtropical regions, less common in temperate climates. Included are well-known plants like the fig, banyan, breadfruit, mulberry, and rubber plant. This is the kinds of trees or shrubs that have a milky juice; in some classifications includes genus Cannabis.The Chinese banyan (Ficus microcarpa), also known as the Malayan banyan is native from Ceylon to India, southern China, Ryukyu Islands, Australia, and New Caledonia.  
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