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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

Promoter of local culture

In years, people in penghu have been sparing no effort reserving cultures and promoting them. The relevant promoters or departments are as below:
government department Ccultural Affair Bureau Penghu County Government, Folk Custom Section Civil Affairs Bureau Penghu County Government, Penghu National Scenic Area Administration Education Bureau Penghu County Government, Tourism Bureau Penghu County Government.
cultural organizations penghu tsai-fong cultural club
community work groups penghu first street promotion association, the association of penghu two-kan village reservation R.O.C.
art and cultural organizations xiying poetry club, penghu qing-xi artistic club, penghu fine arts association, penghu calligraphy club, penghu photography club
academic institution National Penghu University
newspapers and media penghu times, penghu establishment monthly, road and bridge magazine, tai-peng magazine, penghu daily and xiying radio.
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