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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

Archaeological sites

Penghu is very important to archaeologists. According to the survey by Central Research Institute, History and Language institute, and the National Science Council of the Ministry of Administration, 91 cultural relics were found in Penghu, and 52 of them were prehistorical relics, and 39 of them were historical relics. The distributions of these relics are: 28 on the Penghu island, 15 on Baisha, 12 on Wanan, 6 on Xiyu and Jibei, 5 on Qimei, 4 on Jiangjunya, 3 on Zongtun and Huayu, 2 on Dongjiyu and Niumuping and 1 on Hujing, Gupoyu, Xian Reef, Niaoyu and Xijiyu. According to the survey, the prehistorical relics are mostly potery and stone relics. Also a large amount of biological relics such as shells, fish bones, animal bones and bird bones were included.
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