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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

​Major Policies

  1. 1.Promote local medical and healthcare services in Penghu and strengthen their capacity for critical medical care, increase manpower for healthcare and improve relevant medical equipment to facilitate medical evacuation with measures to be taken to strengthen 2nd-tier and 3rd-tier offshore medical care.
  2. 2.To attain a delicate and healthy balance between the livelihood of the fishermen and marine ecology while safeguarding fishermen’s right to fish in adjacent water bodies.
  3. 3.Achieve better coordination with airlines to increase the number of flights available for key periods and during the three major holidays to ensure greater convenience and versatility for travelers.
  4. 4.Speed up the process of decommissioning outdated Taihua Ferry vessels and commissioning of new vessels in order to provide safer and more comfortable passenger services along with better freight efficiency.
  5. 5.Vie for direct flights to other cities to attract more visitors on independent tours from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Korea, and other countries in Southeast Asia.
  6. 6.Construct the Penghu Art Village and offer support to young entrepreneurs looking to start up their cultural creativity business.
  7. 7.Construct a food center in Penghu that offers a comfortable and hygienic environment for dining to improve the quality of local food and beverage services.
  8. 8.Transform the Penghu Firework Festival by incorporating elements of laser projection, music, dancing water, and so forth to create new stimulations and experiences.
  9. 9.Set up new desalination plants and install water reclamation systems, replace outdated pipes and address the issue of water shortage.
  10. 10.Construct a marine technology park that focuses on maintaining unpolluted sea water, aquaculture experiences, desalination technologies, and maritime talent cultivation, coupled with various incentives and such as tax deductions or lease concessions to draw investors and youths to return to their home town.
  11. 11.Integrate relevant resources from the county government, Commercial Development & Investment Promotion Committee, and relevant sectors to help traditional industries to transition.
  12. 12.Establish an entrepreneurship incubator for youths and offer consultation and advice for new business startups and acquisition of funding to optimize the use of idle space and upgrade potential venues into common studios/workshops.
  13. 13.Address the issue of marine debris/litter through the means of “reduction at the source”, “establishing a mechanism for litter removal”, and “application of suitable technologies”.
  14. 14.Construct Penghu’s capacity for independent disposal of waste along with other approaches and technologies such as waste reduction, resource recycling, construction of new high-efficiency incinerators, and so forth to handle local waste.
  15. 15.Relocate the Penghu Defense Command to revitalize the use of urban land by connecting key tourism spots and constructing more parking lots.
  16. 16.Improve cemetery management and continue to relocate existing cemeteries while expanding existing columbarium pagodas.
  17. 17.Grow and plant more trees so that residents are able to enjoy natural spaces at parks and greeneries.
  18. 18.Waive school fees for children enrolled in municipal day-care centers and offer subsidies up to NT$ 10,000 per year for those enrolled in private day-care facilities and set up more public day-care centers and kindergartens.
  19. 19.Construct new social housing and offer rent concessions; priority will be given to applicants who are newly married, families with young children, or those with economic/social disadvantages.
  20. 20.Construct a retirement village for seniors by integrating public and private resources to introduce premium medical care and comprehensive senior care.