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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

Health Care

Organization Structure

Director ->Vice Director ->Medical Affair Section, Food and Drug Management Section, Health Promotion Section, Disease Control Section, Laboratory Section, Planning and Information Section, General Affairs Office, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, Civil Service Ethics Office; Other units include: First Public Health Center, Makong City (including Tong Pan Health Office and Hu Jing Health Office), Second Public Health Center, Makong City, Public Health Center, Huxi Country (including Ding Wang Health Office), Public Health Center, Baisha Country (including Da-Tsan Health Office, Niao Yu Health Office, Ji Bei Healthe Office, and Yuan Bei Health Office), Public Health Center, Xiyu Country (including Nei An Health Office), Public Health Center, Wangan Country (including Hua Yu Health Office, Dong Ji Health Office, Xi Yu Ping Health Office, Dong Yu Ping Health Office, and Jiang Jun Health Office), Public Health Center, Chimei Country, and Chronic Disease Center.


Functions and Responsibilities
Departments Responsibilities 
Director Office Supervision the operation of the bureau
Vice Director-General Office Assisting the operation of the bureau 
Medical Affairs Section

I. Chief: supervising the operation of Medical Affairs Section
II. Management of medical personnel and related business (practice, suspension, resumption, alteration, expiration of continuing education and etc.); support and filing of medical personnel, medical personnel related laws and regulations, development project of medical personnel in remote islands, transportation subsides for catastrophically ill patients transferred by doctors to Taiwan, and air evacuation and transfer to other hospitals window program.
III. Mental health management, certifying physical/mental disability, prevention of sex offenses, prevention of domestic violence, medical assistive devices cases, care for high-risk families, community mental health center, Penghu County
IV. Emergency medical rescue, ambulance management, Helicopter evacuation plan for serious illness, total defense mobilization, promotion and education of CPR
V. Management of medical institution, management of medical advertisement, handling medical dispute, application of medical personnel certification, safety education program for patients, IDS medical service program
VI. Management of helicopter pad, construction fund for remote islands, transportation subsides of medical care for returning home, public health care promotion
VII. Emergency air evacuation, hospice care
VIII. Long distance video medical service, contact for military aircraft evacuation

Food and Drug Management Section I. Chief: supervising food and drug management and drug hazard prevention
II. Drug management, pharmaceutical institution management, medical device management, Chinese medicine management, controlled drugs management
III. Food sampling and inspection, utilization and management of food volunteers, promotion and education of food hygiene, management of school lunch, management of inspected and registered food
IV. Management of food business, consumer service, marine product management, food and drink hygiene management, management of food poisoning cases
V. Monitoring violating advertisement (food, Chinese medicine, drugs, makeups, medical devices)
VI. Punishing and handling violating advertisements, management of water station, meat management, iced drink management, food registration, alcohol management, makeup management
VII. Drug joint tenders, salesmen reporting, recovering drugs, promotion and education of pharmaceutical hygiene
VIII. Management of individual case of drug abuse, and prevention of drug hazard
Health Promotion Section

I. Chief: supervising the health care of the County
II. Redevelopment and expansion of public health centers/offices, management of public health centers/offices, medical devices management, management of alternative service draftees, chronic disease prevention, and comprehensive screening and inspection
III. Children and juvenile development center, Joint evaluation program for early intervention, rehabilitation medical service, counter cigarette/tobacco hazard and related matters, and guild of nurse
IV. Subsides for birth, women and children health, delegates from Health Promotion Administration, daycare management, population policy, rare disease, women and children association, health care development in the communities on remote islands, friendly care service of elderly
V. Comprehensive health care, promotion of fitness (working space), health promotion hospitals, occupational hygiene and healthcare (including labor health check hospitals and counseling), cancer prevention and countering beetle nut, management of yusho disease patients, program of constructing an integral smart care network for diabetic patients.

Disease Control Section I. Chief: supervising disease control business
II. (1) Prevention of arthropod-borne infectious diseases e.g. dengue fever (including zika virus, Chikungunya Fever, scrub typhus and etc); (2) prevention of infectious diseases (TB, Leprosy, STD, and enteric infection are excluded); (3) management of disease prevention materials (including snake venom serum management, influenza antivirus drug management, and protection equipment); (4) Infectious disease prevention medicare network, (5) prevention of new diseases; (6) Counter plan for wide-spread influenza; (7) mobilization for prevention of infectious diseases (bio protection, contingency plan for biological terrorist attacks); (38) Plague prevention (contingency plan for natural disasters)
III. (1)Prevention of STD and AIDS (including mitigation program, clean syringe, alternative treatment, health education, expansion of AIDS screening and consultation services, management of individual cases); (2) prevention of enterovirus; (3) counter enterovirus infected disease; (4) business hygiene management; (5) health check of foreign laborers and the consultation of foreign laborer health check hospitals; (6) online review/approval system for screening and consultation; (7) Hub platform for infectious diseases prevention, and monitoring and reporting system of infectious diseases in schools; (8) prevention program for virus hepatitis
IV. (1)Prevention program for TB, directly observed treatment short-course for TB and Leprosy management (TB and Leprosy); (2) Control and inspection of hospital infections, bio safety management and inspection in labs, monitoring and inspection of infectious diseases in high populated institutions; (3) tracking arrived tourists (system for self-management of health), quarantine at airports and ports, infectious diseases inventory (BO form included); (4) BCG vaccination management; (5) compilation of reports at the early, mid, and late stage of the infectious diseases prevention plan delegated by the Central government, and the compilation the annual appraisal from Disease Control Bureau and expanded branch meetings.
V. (1) Vaccination; (2) vaccination of influenza vaccine; (3) vaccination of human influenza A/H5N1; (4) Program of Eradication Poliomyelitis, Congenital Rubella Syndrome, Neonatal Tetanus and Measles, program of AFP monitoring (polio/AFP, Measles, Rubella, and Tetanus); (5) management of refrigerated transportation and storage of various vaccines; (6) Streptococcus pneumoniae vaccination for elderlies; (7) Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP); (8) quality management plan for infectious disease examination institution and the samples for examination.
VI. Health check for foreign laborers
Laboratory Section I. Chief: supervising the inspections and examinations
II. Food hygiene inspection
III. Public health medical examination
〈Public Health Medical Examination〉
Items: public health medical examination, syphilis RPR, TPPA examination, HIV screening and examination, Gonorrhea examination, Entamoeba histolytica in excrement examination
〈Food Hygiene Examination〉
Items: 1. Quantitative test of preservatives, sweetener, bleach, color fastening agents; 2. Qualitative test hydrogen peroxide, sodium borate, dye, fluorescent brightener, starch, and fat; 3. Micro biotics test including E Coli, coliform group, plate count, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Fecal Streptococci
Address of Lab: No. 118-2 Xi Wen Au, Xi Wen Village, Makong City, Penghu County 880
Planning and Information Section  I. Chief: supervising the operation of Planning Section
II. Consolidated operation, volunteer service of health care, the statistic of causes of death and its management, measures to protect consumers, and health education
III. Health care planning, service to the public, and research ane investigation
IV. Long term care service
Administration Division

I. Chief: supervising the operation of administration section
II. Treasurer
III. Procurement and management of properties
IV. Documentation management
V. Switchboard, mail receiving and sending
VI. Seal management and environment cleaning
VII. Driver and errands
VIII. Health system and internal information network management, official document system management, website management, IT machine room and internet management, IT security, video conference system management, HIS system management, information educational training, and information related matters 

Personnel Office I. Chief: supervising the operation of Personnel Section
II. Functions: organization and headcounts; assignment, dismiss, and transfer; appraisal and reward/punishment, training and further education, attendance and travel, retirement and compensation, salary and benefits, and personnel information
III. key-in, data arrangement, typing, copying, printing, printer maintenance, filing, registry of traveling and paid leaves, operation of personnel information system.
Accounting Office I. Chief:
(1) supervising the budget, accounting, and statistics of the Bureau.
(2) the budget, budget increase/decrease, budget allocation, review and compilation of the settlement of the Bureau and the six public health centers of countries and cities, the budget for the subsidiary units, overdraft and consolidate settlement, and the compilation and review of the settlement.
(3) Reviewing the budget of funds, and preparing the official budget monthly report
(4) Review the certificates of each payables and receivables
(5) Review and approve the statistical data
(6) Monitoring the procurement tenders and the inspections
(7) Other impromptu errands
(1) Assisting the budget, budget increase/decrease, budget allocation, review and compilation of the settlement of the Bureau and the six public health centers of countries and cities (2) Review the official budget and the certificates of each payables and receivables
(3) The compilation of the payment voucher and receivable/payable vouchers not for the petty cash of each Health Center and the Bureau, reviewing, approving, and reimbursing the petty cash payment vouchers and expense vouchers.
(4) Compiling the accounting report of the units in the Bureau.
(5) Reviewing and approving the transportation certificates for hospital transfer and the reconciling the write-off of the certificates
(6) Collecting, sorting, urging the statistical data
(7) Monitoring the procurement tenders and the inspections
(8) Handling, signing, receiving, and sending official document (funds excluded)
(9) Verifying the certificates for review and other impromptu errands.
(1) Preliminary approval of the transportation for hospital transfer.
(2) The official budgets and estimation of the expenses of Charge d'affaires
(3) Personnel fee of certification, coordination, general administration, chronic disease prevention, operations of Health Center, general construction and equipment
(4) Assisting receiving, sending and forwarding official document to be approved.
(5) Official document sorting and filing
(6) Other affairs and errands related to the work mentioned above and/or assigned by Party A in impromptu manner.
(1) Assisting the compilation and allocation of the budgets and settlements of medical operation funds, estimation of the expenses, writing-off the certification, vouchers, book keeping, and monthly statement.
(2) Handling and signing the official documents of medical operation funds
(3) Compilation of payment vouchers and expenses voucher of the Bureau’s petty cash
(4) Reconcile the transportation certificates for hospital transfer
(5) Assisting receiving, sending and forwarding official document to be approved.
(6) Other affairs and errands related to the work mentioned above and/or assigned by Party A in impromptu manner.
(1) Using software package to produce payment certificate, vouchers, book keeping for the official budgets
(2) Using software package to record the allocated official budget in the book.
(3) Sorting the original certificates to be reviewed.
(4) Other affairs and errands related to the work mentioned above and/or assigned by Party A in impromptu manner.
Government Ethics Office I. Drafting the orders and regulations regarding anti-corruption, and the promotions 
II. Preventing the corruptive and/or illegal behaviors of employees, discovery and handling of whistleblowers
III.  Proposal to innovate and enhance the ethics
IV.  Protection of Official Confidential Information 
V.  Protection of security
VI.  Property reporting of civil servants 
VII. Affairs to be investigated and/or proceeded by the supervisors.
VIII. Other matters related to the anti-corruptions 
Chronic Disease Center Prevention of chronic diseases and TB (including examination, and administrative operation)
Name of the Division  Tel No. or extension 
Switchboard 06-9272162
Extension of Director 06-9272162 Ext.200
Extension of Vice Director  06-9272162 Ext.202
Extension of Chief of Medical Affair Section  06-9272162 Ext.230
Extension of Chief of Food and Drug Management Section 06-9272162 Ext.270
Extension of Chief of Health Promotion Section 06-9272162 Ext.250
Extension of Chief of Disease Control Section 06-9272162 Ext.210
Extension of Chief of Laboratory  06-9215351
Extension of Chief of Planning and Information Section 06-9272162 Ext.220
Extension of Chief of General Affairs Office 06-9272162 Ext.203
Extension of Chief of Personnel Office 06-9272162 Ext.280
Extension of Chief of Accounting Office  06-9272162 Ext.300
Extension of Chief of Civil Service Ethics Office 06-9272162 Ext.306
Address of the Agency: No. 115, Zhong-Zheng Rd., Makong City, Penghu County (google map)
Access to the Agency:

By Bus:
Buses to Fung-Guei or Wai-An

Visit on yourself: Go straight on Zhong Zheng Road, toward the County Government, and pass the intersection with Shu-De Road, and keep going. The bureau is at the left hand side of the intersection of Zhong Zheng Road and Zhi-Ping Road (across to the County Council)
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