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Ministry of Digital Affairs Teams Up with Three Major Telecom Operators to Enhance Communication on Penghu Ferry; Chen Kuang-fu Aims to Boost Tourism Between Mainland Taiwan and Penghu
Penghu County Government 2024-04-15 135
    On the 15th, Minister of Digital Affairs Audrey Tang led a team from the Ministry aboard the Penghu Ferry to inspect improvements in mobile broadband signals during the voyage. Later that afternoon, they hosted the “5G Wave Smart Island” experience event. County Magistrate Chen Kuang-fu commended the Ministry for significantly expanding maritime communication network coverage, providing the public with higher-quality and more efficient services.

    Chen Kuang-fu noted that the Penghu Ferry handles passenger transport between Kaohsiung and Penghu, facilitates goods flow, and transports vehicles. Passengers previously faced internet and call disruptions during voyages, causing inconvenience. He thanked the Ministry and telecom operators for installing extra base stations, enhancing telecommunication equipment, and optimizing signal coverage. These upgrades are expected to increase transportation capacity and drive Penghu’s tourism development.

    Audrey Tang mentioned that, to enable mobile broadband access on the Penghu Ferry, the Ministry has collaborated since October last year (2023) with the Maritime and Port Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communication, Penghu County, Tainan City, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Navigation Company, and three major telecom operators. They optimized base stations along the route, upgrading narrowband services reliant on synchronous satellite transmission to broadband services.

    The Ministry stated that, for improved communication on the Penghu Ferry, they partnered with central and local governments and telecom operators to add base stations at key points along the route. They also adjusted transmission angles for the base stations, expanding mobile broadband coverage from 22% to 91%. Wi-Fi and mobile networks are now available for crew and passengers, with a 90% improvement in mobile broadband signals along the route. Download speeds on the Penghu Ferry route now reach 10-50Mbps.

    The “5G Wave Smart Island” vertical domain application service event took place on the 15th at Penghu County Government Square. The public could experience the outcomes of 5G technology applications in AI patrols, telemedicine, smart entertainment, WEB AR, and other fields. On the 16th, the event “Digital Applications for Telecom Popularization” will be held at Penghu Xiyu Chidong Elementary School, where residents and students will demonstrate various digital applications promoted by the Administration of Digital Industries, MODA, including 5G vertical networks, digital infrastructure in remote areas, and digital education supported by subsidized telecom companies.
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