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Advancing Competitiveness in Penghu: Inauguration of Magong No.1 Pier Extension
Penghu County Government 2024-04-25 210
    On the morning of the 25th, County Magistrate Chen Kuang-fu joined Minister of Transportation and Communication Wang Kuo-tsa and other distinguished guests at the “Magong No.1 Pier Inauguration and Groundbreaking Ceremony for the New Cruise Terminal.” They witnessed the remarkable transformation of Magong No.1 Pier and eagerly anticipated the further growth of Penghu’s tourism industry with the completion of the new cruise terminal. Chen Kuang-fu expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Transportation and Communication, Maritime Port Bureau of MOTC, and the port operators for their invaluable support in local infrastructure development. He emphasized that collaborative efforts between the central and local governments hold boundless potential for Penghu.

    Chen Kuang-fu stated that being surrounded by the ocean, Penghu plays a crucial role in maritime transportation between Penghu and Taiwan, necessitating optimal port facilities alongside good vessels. Magong No.1 Pier is not only a docking area for the former Ta-Hwa ferry but also the most important terminal for international cruise ships in the county. In March of this year, Penghu welcomed the Carnival Cruise Line, Seabourn Cruise Line’s luxury liners “Seabourn Sojourn” and “Seabourn Odyssey,” and in June, it will host Norwegian Cruise Line’s “Norwegian Spirit.”

    Chen Kuang-fu noted that the enhancement of port facilities signifies the island’s competitiveness. With the successful completion of the pier extension project, the No.1 Pier, originally able to dock 50,000-ton cruise ships, can now accommodate 150,000-ton cruise ships. In the future, with the completion of the new cruise terminal, Magong Harbor will not only provide high-quality and comfortable docking environments for vessels but also offer top-notch travel services to domestic and international tourists. Amidst globalization, these enhancements will better align Penghu with the world, attracting tourists from all over and further expanding Penghu’s tourism market.

    Minister of Transportation Wang Kwo-tsai mentioned that the cruise economy significantly benefits local tourism development, and the central government will continue to invest in Penghu, making it Taiwan’s most important tourism resource.

    Magong No.1 Pier Extension Project: Total cost of NTD829 million, extending from 190 meters, 6 meters deep, to 380 meters long (197+183), 10 meters deep.
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