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2024 Penghu International Sea Fireworks Festival Teams Up with One Piece for a Grand Debut: Chen Kuang-fu Invites You to Experience the Radiant Night Sky Together
Penghu County Government 2024-03-26 317
      The 2024 Penghu International Sea Fireworks Festival will grandly open on May 2nd. County Magistrate Chen Kuang-fu hosted a press conference at the Discovery Hotel in Penghu on the morning of the 26th. He personally stated that he is honored to collaborate with the well-known Japanese anime “One Piece” to promote Penghu. This collaboration aims to combine the charm of animation with the emotional impact of the Penghu International Sea Fireworks Festival, bringing an unprecedented feast for the audience. He sincerely invites everyone to visit Penghu, participate in this annual event, experience the unique island charm of Penghu, and create an unforgettable and wonderful journey this year.

      Chen Kuang-fu emphasized that the fireworks festival is a major annual event in Penghu and is also an international brand for Taiwan tourism. This year’s festival not only continues the past excitement but also brings new experiences. The county government has specially invited 5 international professional fireworks teams from the Czech Republic, France, Austria, Italy, and Malaysia to Penghu to present 6 international-level fireworks displays. Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of “One Piece,” each event will feature a One Piece-themed drone light show along with the fireworks display. The opening and closing ceremonies will also include a One Piece anime music concert. Moreover, to cater to children and adults, this year’s fireworks festival has been extended until July. Hopefully, this festival will bring crowds and economic prosperity to Penghu, creating infinite business opportunities for the local community.

      Chen Kuang-fu emphasized that the renowned Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara’s exhibition “Traveling with Hazy Humid Day to Penghu” will take place from March 29th to September 1st at the Penghu Reclamation Hall. Penghu serves as the inaugural venue for this exhibition, extending a warm welcome to locals and tourists alike to come together and appreciate the artist’s artwork.

      Deputy Speaker Lan Kai-yuan expressed the significance of the fireworks festival in Penghu, hoping that this year’s event will achieve new heights and wish for its success and fulfillment.

      The Tourism Department announced that the fireworks will be launched at the Guanyinting Recreation Area. The county government will conduct two trial runs on April 18th and April 25th, leading to the official opening on May 2nd and concluding on July 30th. Fireworks will illuminate the sky every Monday and Thursday in May and June and every Tuesday in July. Furthermore, the county government has arranged three fireworks displays on the outlying islands: Qimei (June 1st), Wangan (June 15th), and Jibei (July 28th). Lion Travel has generously sponsored an additional special firework display on June 29th, bringing the total number of sessions to 28.

      A gathering of key figures including Deputy Speaker Lan Kai-yuan, Councilors LU Huang Chun-chin and Ou Chung-kai, County Government Secretary Tsai Chi-hsien, Tourism Department Director Chen Mei-ling, Legislator Yao Yang’s Assistant, Tuan Hsiang-ling, Huxi Township Chief Chen Chen-chung, Deputy Chief Administration Lu Yu-chuan from Penghu National Scenic Area Headquarters, Tourism Administration, MOTC, Chiu Yung-sheng from Penghu Airport, Civil Aeronautics Administration, MOTC, Director Chang Chin-hsiung from Penghu Weather Station, Director Wang Wen-chiang from Penghu Station, Kaohsiung Motor Vehicles office, Deputy Manager Chen Fu-kuo from Chunghwa Post, Director Chang Ming-che from St Camillus Hospital, President Huang Yu-ping from National Penghu University of Science
    Technology, and representatives from various tourism industries united to promote the 2024 Penghu International Sea Fireworks Festival and expressed heartfelt gratitude to local businesses and sponsors for their unwavering support of the event.
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