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Following the Hazy Humid Day to Penghu - Grand Opening Press Conference Attended by Numerous Distinguished Guests
Penghu County Government 2024-03-28 201
      “Traveling with Hazy Humid Day,” a ten-year touring exhibition project, has chosen Penghu as its inaugural destination. This afternoon (28th), a grand opening press conference took place at the front square of Penghu County Government. President Tsai Ing-wen of The General Assembly of Chinese Culture, Deputy Secretary-general to the President Huang Chung-yen, Secretary-general of The General Assembly of Chinese Culture Li Hou-ching, artist Yoshitomo Nara, County Magistrate Chen Kuang-fu, Penghu National Scenic Administration Director Hung Chih-kuang, along with many distinguished guests, attended the conference and conveyed heartfelt blessings for the forthcoming five-month exhibition.

      Chen Kuang-fu expressed that Penghu, with its 400-year history, azure seas, unique landscapes, and warm locals, has nurtured countless precious lives. Penghu is honored to be the first stop of the ‘Traveling with Hazy Humid Day’ Ten-Year Touring Exhibition, showcasing Mr. Yoshitomo Nara’s vibrant works within the historically mixed Japanese-Western buildings. We welcome President Tsai Ing-wen, Mr. Yoshitomo Nara, and all guests to Penghu this year as we collaborate for the Penghu International Sea Fireworks Festival, inviting everyone to join in this grand event. We anticipate that Penghu’s beauty will become nourishment for artistic creation, a healing force for the soul, and cherished memories.

      President Tsai Ing-wen expressed that since interacting with Mr. Yoshitomo Nara on social media platforms four years ago in 2020, there has been increased exchange between the Taiwanese people and Mr. Yoshitomo Nara. She is delighted to welcome Mr. Yoshitomo Nara to Penghu and welcomes the artist back to Taiwan for exhibitions and creations. ‘Traveling with Hazy Humid Day’ was created for Taiwan during the special exhibition in 2021, allowing us to feel that Taiwan is the homeland depicted in this artwork. The Ten-Year Touring Exhibition project, initiated last year, has been described by many as coming home, and we look forward to the artist bringing this work back to Taiwan. We thank the Yoshitomo Nara Foundation and The General Assembly of Chinese Culture for jointly planning this Ten-Year Touring Exhibition project. During Mr. Yoshitomo Nara’s residency in Taiwan, he wore locally flavored blue-and-white flip-flops, capturing images of all Taiwan’s landscapes, including Namaxia’s firefly season in Kaohsiung, allowing islanders to admire Mr. Yoshitomo Nara’s work in their hometowns. We also hope Mr. Yoshitomo Nara will explore Penghu and experience its beauty. The friendship between Taiwan and Japan continues to grow through each interaction. We appreciate Mr. Yoshitomo Nara’s dedication and efforts, exhibiting in Taiwan during the pandemic, and creating continuously during isolation, bringing warmth and healing to Taiwan and showcasing Taiwan to the world. We hope the bonds of friendship between Taiwan and Japan will deepen, inviting Taiwanese people to come to Penghu and enjoy the artist’s creation together.

      Mr. Yoshitomo Nara expressed that Penghu is one of the places he most wants to visit and hopes to do so within the next ten years. Choosing Penghu as the second stop of the ten-year touring exhibition, he aims to present his best works to the audience and is curious about the sparks that his works and the historically mixed Japanese-Western architectural space will create. Among the works brought this time are those created during isolation in Taiwan, and we thank everyone who has helped at each touring stop, enabling the completion of the works’ journey.

      Penghu National Scenic Administration Director Hung Chih-kuang expressed that Penghu National Scenic Administration is honored to partner in this event and is delighted to welcome Mr. Yoshitomo Nara and his outstanding team to Penghu. We look forward to sharing Penghu’s rich marine resources and cultural heritage with friends from around the world. We have the Seagull Appreciation Season in spring, the Stone Weir Season in summer, the Fantastic Rock Season in autumn, and the Ancient Site Visiting Season in winter. Penghu Bay is full of excitement throughout the four seasons. With the blessing of Mr. Yoshitomo Nara and the upcoming Wind Chasing Music Festival at the end of August, we are confident that we will inject new energy into Penghu’s tourism this year and wish the exhibition great success.”
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