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Establish Green Low-Carbon Travel in Penghu The First Automated Bus – WinBus to be Launched in July
Penghu County Government 2021-02-03 52
    The pioneering automated vehicle in Taiwan was designed and produced in Taiwan. It is expected to be launched in July in Penghu. Penghu county magistrate Lai Feng-Wei indicated that self-driving machines are the trend of the future era when he attended the “WinBus Automated Vehicle Media Presentation” on the 3rd. He also gave appreciations to Lion Travel for pioneering in introducing the automated vehicle travel experience, hoping that everybody can promote green travel in Penghu together to push Penghu’s tourism forward.

    Lai Feng-Wei indicated that a WinBus is capable of carrying 18 passengers, with 10 seats and 8 standing areas. At present, WinBus has already begun operations on Sinyi Roan in Taipei, Danhai Expressway in New Taipei City, as well as Lukang, and it is anticipated to stimulate green tourism after it has been introduced into Penghu in the future.

    General Manager Pi-Sung Chen of Lion Travel indicated that with the magnificent sceneries, Penghu is a vital outlying island tourism region. In the future, visitors not only have diversified travel options with transportations such as motorbikes and cars, but also self-driving buses, which will be combined with a smart tour guide to provide visitors with an innovative travel experience.

    Assistant manager Weng Kuo-Liang of the Automotive Research
    Testing Center (ARTC) indicated that WinBus is equipped with a sensing and identification system capable of detecting pedestrians to accomplish the automatic braking effect. The entire vehicle is without a driving wheel but a sense of hi-tech design and is a completely self-driving vehicle. It is also the first self-driving bus designed and produced domestically in Taiwan.

    The Automotive Research
    Testing Center (ARTC) indicated that a WinBus is 6m in length, with a maximum speed of 50Km/hour. The vehicle is equipped with several smart driving technologies, including a cruise control system, lane following self-driving system, autonomous emergency braking system, automatic docking and transshipment, automatic parking and obstacle detection. It can also identify the sophisticated environment in all 360o for zero dead angles and make instant smart decisions. It is small in volume, but can satisfy the urban shuttle massive transportation with high flexibility and low traffic volume.

    The Penghu County Government indicated that Lion Travel joined forces with the Automotive Research
    Testing Center (ARTC), getting ready to launch automated tourism buses in Penghu. Penghu was the first outlying island region with the priority to demonstrate the WinBus, where the test phase was conducted up until February 5th, with 1 driver on the WinBus to carry out route exploration and map collection. Locations on the route include the Harbor Building, the South Visitor Center, the Penghu Industry Promotion Center and the Penghu Airport.

    Penghu County Government indicated that after the database for WinBus has been comprehensively completed, the Automotive Research
    Testing Center (ARTC) will propose the implementation plan to the Ministry of Economic Affairs for approval. It is estimated to be officially launched on the road in July during the summer vacation, which will connect the Magong Harbor, the administrative regions, the tourism attractions, the hotels, the local snack food and the visitor centers in Penghu, creating the self-driving technological tourism life circle, thereby introducing a new ambience to smart travel in Penghu.
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