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2021 is the Year of Cycling Tourism Fong-Wei Lai Indicated actions to Establish Road Network Across the Entire Island based on County Highways
Penghu County Government 2021-01-25 99
    2021 is the Year of Cycling Tour in Taiwan and the Penghu County Government held a supervisors’ work report in the morning of the 25th, where the Public Works Department reported reviews on the Penghu Island cycling trail network, where the routes will be renamed along with improving the cycling trail network facilities. Penghu County Magistrate Fong-Wei Lai indicated establishing a round-the-island cycling road network for the convenience of cycling fans to experience the magnificent sceneries of Penghu.

    The Public Works Department indicated that there are 10 cycling trail routes included in the Penghu County cycling trail network, identifying the Suburban Sea Route, the Golden Coastal Route, the Wetland Route, the Chaoyang Cycling Route, the Hushi Filed Route, the Sea and Field Route, the Coconut Avenue Route, the Windmill and Ranch Route, the Hsiyu Sunset Route and the Hsiyu Coastline Route, with a total length of about 127Km.

    The Public Works Department indicated that the “Overall Review of the Cycling Trail System Road Network” was activated in September last year, with the complication of the existing cycling trail network, the signs at the various road junctions are indistinctive; moreover, the cycling trail for the section between Wukan - Suogang on the Golden Coastal Route is constructed on both sides of the road, not only is the pavement worn by time, but the markings did not meet the rules for cycling trails. Also, the section between Penghu Route No. 14 (Nanliao) to the east bank of the Hushi drainage outlet is currently unable to connect with the existing road network.

    The Public Works Department indicated that according to the review report, the cycling trail route guideline indication system will be improved, as well as the pavement structure for the section between Wukan - Suogang on the Golden Coastal Route will be adjusted (including the rearrangement of the lanes), with the addition of establishing the cross-canal facility, thereby allowing the cycling trail route to connect up with both banks of the Hushi drainage outlet. Moreover, it was also agreed to adjust the names of the various routes to simplify the routes for convenient identification by the visitors, for instance, Hushi East Route, Hushi North Route…etc.

    Fong-Wei Lai indicated that the winding Penghu coastline features approximately 127Km of cycling trail, where one can admire the magnificent sceneries while riding on bicycles to enjoy the carefree feeling with ease, therefore, the establishment of a convenient and optimized cycling trail system connecting up the round-the-island cycling trail will provide citizens as well as visitors with friendly, safe and comfortable cycling trail environment, thereby stimulating the cycling tourism trend.
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