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Guanyin Pavilion (Guanyinting) Landscape Renovation Successfully Progressing. Lai Feng-wei Announced the Opening of Penghu’s Largest Inclusive Playground before the Chinese New Year Holidays.
Penghu County Government 2021-01-06 115
    During Penghu County’s county affairs meeting on January 4th, the Economic Affairs Department gave a briefing on “Guanyin Pavilion Seashore Space Reintegration and Upgrade Project.” The Penghu County Magistrate Lai Feng-wei mentioned that, Penghu’s largest inclusive playground will be open for the public to experience before the Chinese New Year Holidays; and all areas will be completed before this year’s Penghu International Fireworks Festival.

    Penghu County Government pointed out that the “Guanyin Seashore Space Reintegration” will be separated into three phases of construction. For Phase One, the multi-purpose lawn of the Southern Area Seashore, community recreational space and exhibition area have all been completed. Phase Two is currently underway for the renovation of the inclusive playground, tennis court and ice-skating rink. Phase Three will focus on the upgrade and renovation of the seashore environment in the Northern Area, which will connect with the Southern Area’s seashore with the building of a 6-meter wide coastal pedestrian trail, so that an overall seashore recreational image will be strengthened. Phase Three is expected to be completed before March 31st.

    Lai Feng-wei noted that, during his first and second terms of magistracy, he had spent 7 years of time working from environment enhancement of the landfill site and relocation of the graveyard and crematorium at the end of Minzhu Road, to the establishment of the Taiwan Yacht Training Center and rehabilitation of the Guanyinting Recreation Area. Today, a comprehensive recreational route with rich activities is finally created surrounding the Guanyin Pavilion. Subsequently, the “Guanyin Pavilion Seashore Space Reintegration” construction will further encourage Penghu’s tourism development, so that the beauty of Penghu will also be growingly shining with greater energy and brightness.

    Director of Economic Affairs Department Hsu Chih-fu said that the playground currently placed within the Guanyinting Recreation Area is equipped with basic facilities placed in the early days, and some of them have already shown weathered conditions. The Phase Two inclusive playground will implement diverse combinations of swings, which are integrated with various play areas built around the surrounding landscape and hills. It is currently 86.17% completed and the playground is estimated to be open to the public before the Chinese New Year Holidays this February – it will become the best family holiday outing destination.

    Hsu Chih-fu pointed out that the Guanyinting Coastal Recreation Area space renovation construction has a project area of approximately 10.4 hectares. Currently, it’s the venue for the Penghu International Fireworks Festival. Considering current usage needs and facility conditions, Penghu is lobbying for approximately NT$90 million of funding from the Heart of City and Township Program of the Ministry of the Interior, hoping that the surrounding facilities of the Guanyin Pavilion will be further improved and a diverse and comprehensive recreational space will be offered to county residents.

    Hsu Chih-fu said that the Economic Affairs Department has completed the Southern Area seashore green lawn, community recreational space and exhibition area that Phase One focuses on. The range of reconstruction extends from the surrounding area near the Wang Chao Pavilion which has been made into a community leisure space, offering a pedestrian hiking trail and recreational seating. Through land leveling, finely adjusting the terrain and upgrading and substituting the soil, a comfortable outdoor space is created, so that visitors could stop by and take some time here to appreciate the ocean view.
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