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Penghu County Government Initiates Comprehensive Ban on Pork Containing Ractopamine. Lai Feng-wei Vows Zero Ractopamine in Penghu.
Penghu County Government 2020-12-29 259
    Taiwan’s central government has authorized the importation of U.S. pork containing ractopamine starting next January (2021). In response to the policy, Penghu County Magistrate Lai Feng-wei stated on the 29th that the Penghu County Government and County Council agree on “zero detection” policy of ractopamine in pork. The County Government has initiated a banning mechanism that reinforces ractopamine detection in pork products and inspection of source labeling of the products. Public and private kindergartens, elementary schools and junior high schools, as well as elderly meals, within the County are all using pork produced in Taiwan – pork with ractopamine is strictly prohibited to enter Penghu. Let us safeguard the health of our Penghu County residents.

    Lai Feng-wei stated that, in response to the central government’s decision to import U.S. pork with ractopamine starting next January (2021), the County Government has set forth the “Draft Amendment on Partial Articles of the Autonomous Regulations Governing Food Safety and Sanitation.” The Council has then subsequently passed after three readings the Draft Amendment to regulate “zero detection” of ractopamine found in all retailed pork and related products within Penghu.

    The Penghu County Government pointed out that its Public Health Bureau has established a joint inspection and testing task force to reinforce inspections done in wet markets, supermarkets, dining venues, retail businesses, child care centers, all levels of schools, elderly meals and nursing care facilities. The Bureau will be inspecting and verifying labels of meat sources while conducting rapid screening and diagnostic tests – forged labels will be fined as much as up to NT$4 million.

    The Penghu County Government stated that its Health Bureau will begin offering guidance on September 17th for all retailers, food and beverage businesses and manufacturing businesses within the County to thoroughly implement labeling of sources of origin. As of yearend 2020, the estimated number of companies having received Bureau’s guidance will be 21 manufacturing businesses, 294 retailers, 775 food and beverage businesses who directly offer dining services – for a total of 1,090 businesses and an implementation efficiency of 122%.

    The Penghu County Government emphasized that in order to safeguard food ingredients on campus, the Education Department is requesting that meals at all elementary schools, junior high schools, public and private kindergartens and children’s after-school care centers within the County should all be using Taiwan produced pork. Food ingredients would all need to be registered online. Parents can inquire and check on the ingredient sources on the schools’ websites or mobile app. The Penghu County Government strictly prohibits pork with ractopamine from entering the County’s campuses.

    The Penghu County Government stated that all elementary schools, junior high schools and kindergartens all over the County have already finished putting up labels for Taiwan- produced pork and beef on campus before December 10, 2020. Labels of sources for pork and related food products on the menus have also been publicly announced, so that sources of food ingredients are made transparent. Before December 23rd, food ingredients supply contracts for schools’ lunches were also established, requesting that all edible pork and beef and related products must be from Taiwan.

    The Penghu County Government pointed out that, the annual number of pigs slaughtered at Penghu’s meat markets is approximately 13,147, where about 10,914 come from Yunlin and Chiayi, which account for 90% of the total quantity of pork and the rest were all locally raised pork. This year, as the County’s Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau conducted sampling inspection of additives in pig farms’ feed, it did not find any use of ractopamine; so warm-body pork in Penghu County is relatively safe. The County will continue reinforcing its crack down on animal drug use and feed sampling inspection frequency – strictly prohibiting pork with ractopamine to appear in its markets.

    The Penghu County Government asserted that, in order to care for the health of the County’s elderly and children, the Social Affairs Department is asking the County’s childcare centers, public community childcare centers and elderly meals to all be using Taiwan-produced pork and related processed food. All facilities are also required to put up announcements stating the use of Taiwan-produced pork for their meals, so that all families would have peace of mind.
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