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Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei and Speaker Liu Chen Chao-Ling hosted the unveiling ceremony for the Lungmen Biso Battlefield, a new highlight of battlefield cultural tourism.
Penghu County Government 2020-10-29 315
    The Lungmen Biso Battlefield in Huxi opened on the 29th. Penghu County Magistrate, Lai Feng-Wei, Penghu County Speaker, Liu Chen Chiao-Ling and County Councilors and county government first-level officials hosted the unveiling ceremony. The villages performed a 21-gun salute in celebration of its opening. County Magistrate, Lai Feng-Wei, said that the Lungmen Biso Battlefield is a new highlight in the year of Penghu’s cultural tourism. The Penghu County Government Tourism Department’ new mode of commissioning community management is worth learning from.

    County Magistrate, Lai Feng-Wei, said that the abandoned military underground tunnel located on the hillside at the southeastern side of Li-zheng-jiao, the Lungmen, Huxi Township was constructed during the Japanese Colonial Period. The tunnel is well preserved with development potential. The county government has since 2016 undertaken interior renovation and external environmental landscape improvements, which were completed after four years. It marks a new milestone for Penghu’s stepping into military battlefield cultural tourism.

    Speaker Liu Chen Chao-Ling said that the Council has been an important promoter of the Lungmen Biso Battlefield. In 2009, the forestation team of the Forestry Bureau discovered the underground tunnel at the Lungmen Biso Battlefield. Deeply concerned, the Council went to the countryside twice to investigate and suggested that the Penghu County Government allocate funds from the ROC Army Penghu Defense Command and apply for funds from the central government to complete the construction. Penghu’s first military tunnel was opened with great success and high representative significance.

    According to the Penghu County Government Tourism Department, the Lungmen Biso Battlefield is 705 meters in total length, 60 meters in width and 1.8 meters in height. The tunnel structure was built during the Japanese Colonial Period. After Taiwan’s retrocession, the National Army Squad 168 expanded the machine gun fort, the 57 anti-tank gun forts, underground command post, radar station and other facilities.

    According to the Penghu County Government, the Lungmen Biso Battlefield has been a tourism highlight the Penghu County Government, Council and local residents have been committed to renovate and open to the public. Beginning in 2015, the county government has undertaken land allocation from the military. The renovation project commenced in 2016. Completed in October this year, the Lungmen Community Development Association has been commissioned to manage the site.

    According to the Penghu County Government Tourism Department, the Lungmen Biso Battlefield is currently managed by the Lungmen Community Development Association. During the trial-run period from today until the end of the year, tickets will be sold at 50% off. A guided tour may be booked on line. Six sessions are available daily. Up to 15 persons will be accommodated for each session. Everyone is welcome to come to explore and experience the battlefield culture.
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