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Penghu County Government Houliau-More than a Thousand People Joining Beach Cleaning, Clearing 5.3 Tons off Sea Waste in Concerted Efforts
Penghu County Government 2020-10-31 307
    The Penghu County Government held the “2020 Ocean Taiwan-Ocean Affinity and Proximity, 1,000 People Joining Beach Cleaning” autumn beach cleaning activity on the 31st. A total of 1,400 people cleared 5,300kg of waste in joint efforts. According to County Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei, Penghu mobilized 30,000 people to join the sea waste clearance from last year to this year. 400 tons of waste along the 300km- coastline were cleared. Everyone bent to pick up trash quietly, making Penghu a model county in Taiwan.

    The Environmental Protection Bureau of Penghu County conducted “2020 Ocean Taiwan-Ocean Affinity and Proximity, 1,000 People Joining Beach Cleaning” autumn beach cleaning activity on the 31st at Houliao Beach, Baisha Township. Through the beach cleaning, 1700kg of resource waste, 200kg of floating wood, 100kg of fishing nets, 1,000kg of styrofoam and 2,300 kg of general waste were cleared. 5,300kg of sea waste in total. The results are outstanding.

    According to County Magistrate, Lai Feng-Wei, the northeast wind blows Penghu’s way. Sea waste may be picked, but it will come again. That said, everyone, adhering by Penghu’s spirit of hard work and perseverance, takes part in beach cleaning in concerted efforts. Let us make our coast clean and leave future generations with a beautiful coast.

    According to County Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei, everyone is dedicated in beach cleaning. Penghu boasting Green Community, marine activation, plastic reduction, beach cleaning by all, etc. was honored to be awarded No. 1 (other than the six metropolitan cities) among 16 counties and cities in terms of “action performance in response to climate change.” This honor belongs to all Penghu County residents.

    According to County Magistrate, Lai Feng-Wei, the blue sea water and white sand beaches are Penghu County’s environmental features and are important resources upon which Penghu County’s survival depend. We must start from ourselves to care for our home. Only by learning to respect the ocean and increase environmental awareness can we protect our blue marine home.

    According to the Penghu County Government, due to the effects of the northeastern monsoon and ocean current, a large amount of floating garbage has accumulated along Penghu’s coastal line, which put Penghu’s marine ecology in harm’s way and pollutes the beaches. Therefore, the county government holds large beach cleaning activities every year and calls on the public, public and private companies and other groups to respond and participate, thereby contributing their part to the ocean. It is also expected that through the participating general public’s actions, we will understand our marine ecology and the severity of natural destruction by humans, thus encouraging everyone to use fewer disposable products to reduce harm to nature.

    57 Public and private units and groups jointly participated in the beach cleaning activity held on the 31st, including Penghu National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau; 7th Coastal Guard Administration of Offshore Flotilla 7 of Kinmen-Matsu-Penghu Branch, CGA, OAC; Baisha Township Hall, Penghu County; National Penghu Marine and Fishery Vocational High School; and the county government bureaus and offices. Gratitude is also extended to the Offshore Flotilla 8 of Kinmen-Matsu-Penghu Branch, CGA, OAC; Forestry Bureau Pingtung Forest District Office; National Property Administration, Ministry of Finance; Magong City Office; Tri-Service General Hospital Penghu Branch; Jianshan Power Plant; Taiwan Power Company Penghu Office; CPC Corporation Taiwan; Profond Co., Ltd.; Baisha Township Houliao Village, Watong Village, Jiangmei Village, Chikan Village, Jhenhai Village, Huxi Township Huxi Village, Baikeng Village, Lungmen Village, Dingwan Village, Xiyu Township Xiaomen Village, Nei'an Village and Xiaomen Community, Dongwei Village, Hudong Community, Fongguei Community, Wukan Village, Wude Community, Chaoyang Community, Guangming Village, Shili Community Water Environment Patrol Team, etc.
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