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A seminar is held by three outlying counties (Kinmen, Matsu, and Penghu) to demand the central government to strengthen the cracking down of sand pumping by Mainland Chinese ships.
Penghu County Government 2020-09-20 511
    Kinmen County, Matsu County, and Penghu County held a joint seminar in Matsu on the 20th to exchange ideas on policy implementation and construction. The three counties reached a consensus regarding the establishment of a contact platform to tell the central government to strengthen the cracking down of Mainland Chinese sand pumping ships, share the sea waste treatment mechanism, link tourism resources, and other opinions.

    Liu Tseng-Ying said that sand pumping Mainland Chinese ship crackdown by the Coast Guard Administration, Ocean Affairs Council, is currently being reviewed by the courts. Since criminal trials are time-consuming and the inadequate wharf length cannot accommodate many Mainland Chinese sand pumping ships, it is therefore recommended that demonstrative sanction be imposed instead to speed up the penalty and deter Mainland Chinese ships from crossing the border to pump sand.

    County Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei said that Mainland Chinese sand pumping ships are a major problem for the three outlying counties. In order to protect marine resources and the coastline, the magistrates of the three counties should work together to voice and appeal to the central government to take the sand pumping problem seriously and assist the outlying islands in solving the problem.

    County Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei said that the three outlying counties are parted by the sea, but their hearts are not divided. The residents from the outlying islands are united by one mind. Despite the usual business contacts, joint meetings are held to exchange ideas on common problems encountered in county administration. Unity is strength! Joint discussions can derive strategic solutions.

    According to Penghu County Council Speaker Chen Chao-Ling, although the three outlying counties have inadequate resources, if the three counties are of the same mind, their sharpness can cut through metal, thereby striving for more welfare for county residents.
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