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Penghu promotes afforestation, greening, and beautification.
Penghu County Government 2020-09-07 348
    The Penghu County Government’s county affairs meeting was moved to the Little Egret Pond of Penghu Recreation Area on the 7th, where the Forestry and Park Management Center reported on “the progress of the greening and beautification work”. Penghu County Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei said that Green Pastures are an extension of planes, Green Communities is a three-dimensional extension, and Green Trails are small and beautiful paths. The opening up of the Green Pastures, Green Communities, and Green Trails has deepened Penghu City’s environmental aesthetics and purified the soul, and has improved the living and environmental quality.

    County Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei said that Penghu City ranked among the top in the previous promotion of “Green Pastures”, opening-up of green park spaces, and the ratio of green coverage areas. The “Green Communities” were promoted starting last year. So far, 30 communities have participated in the environmental restructuring. This year, “Green Trails” were once again launched. Through the reorganization and reconstruction of forests, the sight of dim and gloomy mixed-wood forests was improved, and serene green trails in the forest were created to become forest paths leading to the broad and well-paved road.

    According to Forestry and Park Management Center Director Chiu Tsung-Yi, since the implementation of the Green Pastures Program in 2002, as of August this year, 1,074 entries of land have been used, with a total area reaching 124.7 hectares. Starting last year, the program was upgraded to Green Pastures 2.0. Besides continuing turf landscape greening, disaster reduction, improving the city appearance, and other functions, suitable sites were chosen. A small landscape garden was created by combining multi-color landscaping shrubs, grass, and flowers, as well as graphics or lines. Meanwhile, greening and activation of idle spaces in the communities were strengthened, thereby creating highlights for the communities.

    Director Chiu Tsung-Yi said that the creation of the Green Pastures started from the public idle land being released, the elimination of dirty public and private land sites, and the demolition and reutilization of existing buildings. The goal this year is 5 hectares. So far, 16 sites measuring 2.1 hectares have been completed, including in front of the Xiwen New Village, beside the Jinshunfa Iron Works Factory, the southwest side of the Chunhui Garden, the parking lot of the old court, across from the Mingyuan Park, and the south side of Chunghwa Telecom.

    Chiu Tsung-Yi pointed out that the Forestry and Park Management Center continues to update the old Magong City area, County Highway No. 201 and 204, and other important traffic route green belts. Combing roads, parks, green spaces, slotted islands, forests, and other embedded blocks, the city, suburbs, and roads form a green network and corridor, creating a space with local characteristics, space comfort, and landscape visual aesthetics.

    Director Chiu Tsung-Yi said that the center and the Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan have completed afforestation and reforestation measuring 5.92 hectares in area, with 20,610 plants in total. Afforestation areas including City Bus and Ferry Management Office, Penghu County Government, Neian, Xingren Reservoir, Caiyuan, Jiayu Park, and Iron Line, etc., are expected to be completed, with the cumulative afforestation plants reaching 24,056. The afforestation and new planting area will be nearly 10.47 hectares.

    According to Director Chiu Tsung-Yi, the three aspects considered include: Green Trails imported into coastal forests; windbreak and sand stability, water and soil conservation, and other environmental protection concepts in national land conservation; urban forest landscape beautification. The three are applied carried out to carry out plant selection and planting method planning. Currently, the Shuanglungtan Park and afforestation land by the Jiangmei OK Park in the Penghu Recreation Area have been completed. Afforestation beside the Public Transport Management Office, Penghu County Government is currently underway, and a space at the Green Trails space is reserved to replant woody plants.
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