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Penghu Recreation Area – “Little Egret Pond” Unveiling
Penghu County Government 2020-08-15 125
    Penghu County Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei said while attending the “Little Egret Pond Unveiling Ceremony and Water and Soil Conservation Sharing Tea Ceremony” that the county government attaches great importance to environmental greening and beautification and the creation of a livable landscape city on the 14th. The Three Greens Program (“Green Pastures”, “Green Communities”, and “Green Trails”) will continue to be promoted, hoping to improve the landscape and build Penghu into a “Happy Green Island”.

    County Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei said that the Penghu Recreation Area is situated facing Gongbei Mountain in the north and Caiyuan Important Wetland in the south. It is surrounded by a large area of forest, making it a rare large forest-type recreational urban park in Penghu and the place to be for leisure activities and outings. He thanked the employees at the Forestry and Park Management Center for their effort put into building the “Little Egret Pond” occupying 0.5 hectares, creating a green space for leisure landscape in Penghu.

    According to the Forestry and Park Management Center, many agricultural ponds of varying sizes have been set up at the Penghu Recreation Area to store precipitation for a rainy day and use the water resources for irrigating seedlings in the area. In addition to irrigating seedlings, the water in the agricultural ponds is also an important habitat for water birds and aquatic plants. Common water birds include white Egrets, Common Moorhens, and Black-winged Stilts, etc. They, along with the surrounding abundant forest landscape, diverse ecology, and recreational resources, make up Penghu’s rare landscape.

    According to the Forestry and Park Management Center, in order to regulate the water circulation system in the area and enhance the water storage function of the pools, the water drainage and water storage system continue to be improved and connected. The newly constructed Little Egret Pond has undergone widening, planting landscape, and other constructions. The water storage capacity has been increased from 2,000 cubic meters to 4,050 cubic meters, a 2-fold increase in water storage capacity.

    According to the Forestry and Park Management Center, stones in large quantities available on the site are used for bank protection at the agricultural pond, which are environmentally friendly and natural. At the same time, improvements are made on the trails surrounding the pond, and weeping willows and other plants have been planted. On the artificial island created by sea waste, many types of aquatic plants are cultivated to create a natural habitat for water birds. Geese and ducks are raised. The surrounding environmental planning is incorporated to create the multi-functional agricultural pond for ecology, water storage, and landscape.
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