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In coping with Penghu’s tourist crowds, County Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei requested strengthening transportation, ood safety, and waste clearance
Penghu County Government 2020-07-27 263
    Targeting summer tourist crowds, Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei instructed on strengthening the maintenance of transportation order, food safety, waste disposal, etc. at the county affairs meeting held on the 27th. In order to improve travel quality and ensure Penghu’s tourism travel image.

    According to the Penghu County Government Tourism Department, due to Penghu’s confirmed diagnosis of “zero cases,” coupled with the impact of the pandemic, traveling abroad will not be possible in the near future and thus resorting to going to Penghu for vacation. Diners lining up to be served at restaurants and rental car shortages have resulted. Travelers are urged to arrange transportation and itineraries in advance. The industries are also requested to take the initiative to make adjustments to cope with market changes, timely expand reception software and hardware facilities, safeguard service quality, and perform proper diversion measures.

    Penghu County Government Police Bureau Director Yang Hung-Cheng said that traffic accidents increased this year because of an increase in tourists compared to previous years. From June 25 to July 26, there were 146 cases of traffic accidents, of which 69 cases involved tourists, with not wearing helmets accounting for the highest ratio.

    Director Yang Hung-Cheng said that in order to prevent occurrences of traffic accidents involving tourists, in addition to setting up “traffic safety propaganda” booths at Guanyinting and various tourist attractions during the flower fire of Penghu period to provide tourists with traffic safety information, the Police Bureau has also planned patrol points at eight road sections and 46 locations at the junctions and accident-prone road section at major 201, 202, 203, and 204 county highways bound for tourist attractions. Police patrol at fixed locations and mobile speed detectors from 8:00A.M. to 8:00P.M. have also been planned to increase police visibility.

    According to Penghu County Public Health Bureau Director Hsiao Ching-Jung, as of July 20, the Public Health Bureau has conducted inspections on 1,295 food companies, and seven companies were required to improve within given deadlines. Re-inspections were also conducted by law to safeguard the public’s meal safety. In addition, three catering hygiene seminars were held to perfect the business owners’ self-management ability and implement proper food hygiene standards. This will in turn build a safer environment for quality dining and prevent food poisoning.

    According to Director Hsiao Ching-Jung, the Public Health Bureau has randomly inspected 91 items, including 31 commercially available ice products, 23 oysters from offshore platform barbecue stores, and 37 local specialty foods (brown sugar cake, noodles, squid balls, fish balls) to strengthen food safety and hygiene safety during the tourism season.

    According to Penghu Environmental Protection Bureau Director Chen Kao-Liang, an additional 10 tons of waste is produced in Penghu daily during the tourism season. For city road cleaning during the tourism season, the patrol frequency of environmental protection rider teams has been increased, while the cleaning and maintenance of major roads in the city patrol inspection are strengthened from time to time to reduce the general public’s littering, strengthen waste clearance along roadsides, and provide a high-quality and clean road environment.
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