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Penghu’s multifunctional gymnasium opens Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei expects county residents to make good use of the venue to cultivate the habit of exercise.
Penghu County Government 2020-07-29 231
    The Penghu County Multifunctional Gymnasium was opened on the 29th. Penghu County Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei said at the ribbon-cutting ceremony that exercise can promote the body’s metabolism. Penghu’s vitality comes from the health of the county residents. He hopes that once the multifunctional gymnasium opens, it will be fully utilized by the county residents, with exercising at least five times a week as the goal.

    County Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei said that Penghu County’s multifunctional gymnasium construction project cost NT$350 million. The Sports Administration, Ministry of Education subsidized NT$200 million, and the county government raised $150 million. He extended appreciation to the Sports Administration for the subsidy and thanked Speaker Liu Chen Chao-Ling and all the councilors for supporting the venue funding to improve Penghu’ s overall sports facilities.

    Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei said that the multifunctional gymnasium mainly serves as the venue for competitive events. Since the Penghu County residents have a great passion for exercise but lack adequate indoor space for sports, the county government has sought NT$500 million from the central government to build a “sports center for Penghu County residents”. The request has been included in Phase 2 of the forward-looking Plan. In addition, funds in the amount of NT$75 million have also been obtained from the Sports Administration, Ministry of Education to renovate the county stadium’s running tracks, thereby creating a healthy and joyful sports island.

    The hot dance performance of the “Chrysanthemum Music Small Opera House” kicked off the opening ceremony. The Wen Ao Elementary School and the Shili Primary School were invited to stage percussion and lion dance performances. The opening basketball invitational tournament was held at the home court. The host team Magong Junior High School played against New Taipei Municipal Yonghe Junior High School. Magistrate Lai hosted the kickoff. At the extraordinarily bustling event, both schools made new friends through playing ball and competed on the same court.

    Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei, Vice Speaker Chen Shuang-Chuan, Councillor Hu Sung-Jung, Councillor Lan Kai-Yuan, Councillor Chen Hui-Ling, Councillor Chen Pei-Chen, Councillor Su Chen Hsiu-Se, Education Department, Penghu County Government Director Su Chi-Chang, ROC Army Penghu Defense Command Deputy Commander Wang Chih-Hui, Magong City Mayor Yeh Chu-Lin, and Magong City Representative Council Chairman Hsu Kuo-Cheng jointly presided at the ribbon cutting opening ceremony. The guests on the site performed an ancient ritual by throwing jujubes, mochis, and sweets to share the joy with the general public. The site was bustling and filled with excitement.

    Penghu County’s multifunctional gymnasium occupies 7463.99 square meters in total floor area, with three floors and one basement floor. It broke ground on December 18, 2017 and completed on May 18, 2020. The gymnasium facilities include a court complex on 1F (with two basketball courts or four volleyball courts and six badminton courts) that can accommodate nearly 2,000 people and commercial spaces. 2F: rhythm dance classrooms, general classrooms, offices. 3F: fitness centers, children’s playrooms, and reading rooms. There is also an underground motorbike parking lot that can accommodate 100 motorbikes.
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