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The Penghu County Government has integrated FamilyMart, B&B, Uni Air, Ezfly, and Tanhou to actively promote air tickets and souvenirs.
Penghu County Government 2020-06-23 320
    In the face of the post-epidemic period, the Penghu County Government combined local characteristics local and was the first to launch a new form of new travel services (air tickets and souvenirs) in cooperation with Uni Air, Penghu cage net culture operator Tanhou, online travel agencies, B
    B operators, and FamilyMart convenience stores in July. Travelers will have fun and get their money’s worth, as well as bringing home fresh Penghu seafood at affordable prices.

    Penghu County Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei attended the “2020 Penghu Seafood Penghu Fresh Buy Penghu Specialty Product Group Purchase Fun Gaillardia Island Cuisine Press Conference” on the 23rd.
    He said that now is the right time to visit Penghu. The airline companies have gradually increased their capacities for tourists to visit. Penghu’s special products and seafood are distributed to all parts of the country through 3,658 FamilyMart stores. This pioneering service is expected to generate NT$3 billion of output and will move towards the NT$10 billion-mark in the future.

    Lai Feng-Wei said that in order to provide sufficient supply, the Penghu County Government has made its best effort in marine ecological conservation to strengthen the quality of aquaculture and fishery and create more diversified aquatic products.

    According to General Manager Tsai Ming-Chin of Tanhou, the “air tickets convertible cash” activity was launched in July. Scan the QR code on Uni Air’s air tickets to purchase one high-quality and fresh dragon tiger grouper from Penghu retailed at NT$2760 at half the price ($1380).Consumers may pick up their fish at a FamilyMart convenience store. Consumers may also visit Ezfly to buy additional tickets
    whole-fish plan (UseTriple Stimulus Vouchers to enjoy an additional $1000 discount). Or they can present their Uni Air tickets to purchase from over 200 B
    B operators under the Lodging Association or Penghu’s pickup sites (Dianjiang Food Co., Ltd., MaGung Foods, and the Tanhou cage net culture site in Erkan).

    General Manager Hsuen Tung-Tu of FamilyMart Convenience Store pointed out that from July 2 to the end of September, 12 Penghu specialty product group-purchase activities will be launched. Consumers may place their orders through Line groups to pay and pick up the goods at a FamilyMart convenience store within one week. Beginning July 1, people who love Penghu’s seafood may visit the Penghu Fresh Buy platform to select the freshest seafood. Through FamilyMart’s convenience store frozen food pickup services, you can enjoy the fresh and sweet taste of the island with ease.
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