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Penghu County Government Splits Office Teams to Improve Quarantine Protection
Penghu County Government 2020-03-25 245
    Penghu County Government began splitting teams across sites to enhance its protection against cluster transmission in the office on March 25. Penghu County Magistrate Feng-wei Lai inspected the new office arrangements on the first day and said that the early shift to splitting teams across separate sites will reduce the risk of transmission, ensure the continuity of the county government and keep the county residents safe.

    According to Penghu County Government, the team splitting plan was drawn up by the county government in response to the continued spread of the “novel coronavirus.” The county offices have now been split into two parts, with Building 1 and 2 designated Zone 1, while Building 3 and the L-shaped bachelor dormitory building designated Zone 2. Personnel have now been split into two teams and their offices swapped around. All passages between the two zones are now closed and all access will be via separate passage ways to prevent cross-infection and disruption of unit functions.

    To reduce the chance of an outbreak, the delivery of official documents will now be sorted and limited to specific times to reduce the number and scope of deliveries. Zones 1 and 2 will each be open twice for 20 minutes in the morning and afternoon. There will no contact between personnel and all correspondence will be disinfected before and after delivery.

    Magistrate Lai said that team splitting has been implemented by the county government in response to the increasing severity of the novel coronavirus epidemic. If county staff should become infected the new measure will ensure that their unit can continue to function and protect Penghu.

    According to Magistrate Lai, each zone will have a team of administrative staff on hand to provide public services. Members of the public can enter either zone on official business and have their matter dealt with without any disruption of services.

    Penghu County Government stated that phase 1 of the team-splitting program will start with a trial of 5 departments (Finance, Social Affairs, General Affairs, Civil Service Ethics, Personnel Affairs) as part of the risk diversification strategy. The Public Works, Civil Affairs, Education, Accounting and Statistics, and Tourism departments as well as external agencies will be progressively added during phase 2.
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