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Chien-fa Wang
Term: 15
Name: Chien-fa Wang
Birth: 19th, March,1949
Nationality: Penghu county,Taiwan
Period: 2005/12/20 ~ 2009/12/19
Notes: Department of Public Administration at National Open University

*Experience :

Township Officer of Magong City; Officer, Sub-section Chief, Specialist, Director-general and Executive Officer of Penghu County Government; Director-general of Penghu County Revenue Service Office; Major of Magong City

“An international island, a bright ocean pearl” is the belief handed down for us to administrate this land. With the efforts of our government and local organizations during the past eight years, a survey shows that Penghu was ranked first in many aspects in Taiwan, that is to say, Penghu has established the basis and value of stable development. In the future, as the goal of “A happy island, a satisfactory family”, we will pursue sustainable and diverse development in Penghu with a progressive, dependable and scientific attitude.
The government promotes Penghu’s inner value and competence gradually from eight aspects-social security, public welfare, ethic values, environmental protection, medical health care, educational culture, industrial development and government administration. We also frame strategies of the eight developments stated above as the goal and direction to make Penghu a better city, and they are as follows:

1. Build up an Ocean City and found modern islands.
2. Promote international tourism and set up competitive tourist industry.
3. Boost medical quality and establish perfect social security and medical system.
4. Deeply cultivate educational culture and train human resources.
5. Reconstruct features of town and country and rebuild traditional values.
6. Encourage people to investigate and reinforce basic construction.
7. Upgrade agriculture and fishing industry and combine ecology of nature with that of humans.
8. Fulfill public welfare and establish close social care and care system.

To develop Penghu as a happy island, we have to fulfill balanced development in five townships and one county and to encourage local regions to benefit mutually, so as to mold Penghu into a common living circle. When promoting tourism, we must pay attention to the conservation of natural ecology and traditional values, which makes Penghu a happy island comprising culture and nature, development and environment and love and care.


Last Updated:2012-02-10

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