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Organization structure
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The integral functions of Penghu County Government include Civil Affairs Department, Finance Department, Economic Affairs Department, Education Department, Public Works Department, Tourism Department, Social Affairs Department, General Affairs Department, Accounting and Statistics Department, Personnel Department, and Civil Service Ethics Department. The subsidiary functions include Police Bureau, Fire Bureau, Public Health Bureau, Agriculture & Fisheries Bureau, Revenue Service Office, Environmental Protection Bureau, Culture Affairs Bureau, and county-run City Bus & Ferry Management Office. The secondary functions include Land Office, Livestock Health Station, Penghu County Stadium, Aquaculture Center, Family Education Center, Marine Life Propagation Station and 6 Household Registry Offices, in addition to 14 junior high schools and 41 primary schools. The precinct consists of 1 city (Magong) and 5 township (Husi, Baisha, Siyu, Wang-an and Cimei), all of which comprise 96 villages.


County Executive
Deputy County Executive
Executive Secretary
City and Township offices
Magong City Office
‧Husi Township Office
Baisha Township Office
‧Siyu Township Office
Wang-an Township Office
Cimei Township Office
County Govermmrnt Headquarter
‧Executive Officer ‧Senior Secretary ‧Secretary ‧Consumer Protection Officer

Internal Unit
Civil Affairs Department Finance Department Economic Affairs Department
Education Department Public Works Department Tourism Department
Social Affairs Department General Affairs Department Personnel Department
Civil service Ethics Department Accounting and Statistics Department  

Subordinate Extemal Agency
Police Bureau Fire Bureau Public Health Bureau
Environmental Protection Bureau Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau Cultural Affairs Bureau
Local Tax Bureau,Penghu County City Bus and Ferry Management Office  
Land office Animal Disease Control Center
County Stadium Marine Life Propagation Station
Family Education Center Penghu County Forestry and Park Management Center
Magong City Household Registration Office Husi Township Household Registration Office
Baisha Township Household Registration Office Siyu Township Household Registration Office
Wang-an Township Household Registration Office Cimei Township Household Registration Office
‧14 Junior Schools ‧40 Primary Schools

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1. Introduction

1.1 Geography
1.2 Natural environment
1.3 Precinct
1.4 Population
1.5 History
1.6 Culture
1.7 The Landmark of Penghu
  2. Government

2.1 History
2.2 Organization structure
2.3 Floor Plan
2.4 TEL
2.5 Traffic Map
2.6 Policy Plan
  3. Announcements

3.1 News
3.2 Activities
  4. Videos

4.1 Film
4.2 Impression
4.3 Guanyin Pavilion in Penghu
  5. Service

5.1 Service Center
5.2 Q&A
5.3 Service Mail
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